Sebastian’s Reviews

Sebastian is the best deep tissue massage therapist. He cares deeply for the clients he works on. I have been getting massages for many years and am very glad to have found him.”


“My wife and I were lucky enough to book a last minute couples massage with Bri and Sebastian. Both were just fantastic; best massage ever. They incorporated stones, hot towels, and were great listeners. We will come back on our next visit.”

Jose F.

“So Wild Rose Healing house was my first (much needed) massage booked as a couples massage by my fiance on a special weekend for us. I must say, I was so impressed by the professionalism, the amazing massage that I wish never ended. The work was thorough and attentive. My fiance truly enjoyed it and he always said he would never get a massage. Now he wants another. We live a few hours away from Asheville but I haven’t found another place that comes close to the Wild Rose. I plan on making more trips to Asheville just to visit Wild Rose! And a huge shout-out to Sebastian and Alea for such amazing massages! And a beautiful, peaceful environment.” 

Billie W.

“My husband and I booked a couples signature massage for our anniversary. It was my husband’s first massage, his therapist was Bri – she took care of all his problem areas. He was, so relaxed and comfortable, he fell asleep twice. My therapist was Sebastian, he took care of my problem areas and was super attentive. We loved our time spent here and can’t wait to come back.”

Rebekah L.

“All I can say is amazing. Sebastian was great. Wild Rose helped me to release alot of emotions and stress. The environment of relaxation started as soon as we opened the door. If you are looking for a holistic massage from your head to toes including mentally relaxation Wild Rose is the place for you and dont forget your friends!”


“Just sitting here scratching me head, wondering what happened to us. Wild Rose was a complete and total transformative experience. Deep therapeutic work. Asheville has been good to us and we only go to the best regarding massage but this is a different level. Heather is awesome. Very professional. So were our therapists Jessi and Sebastian. Thank you guys.”

Jack M.

“My Mom was so happy with her massage with Sebastian! Thank you!”

Dennis G.

“My girlfriend and I had a couples massage with Sebastian and Willow and it was magnificent! They were both very professional with courtesy towards our needs and sensitivities. We felt like a millions bucks when we left. We will visit again next time we travel through town.”

Kyle R.

“Okay so where do I begin. This establishment is quite the statement piece for Asheville massage. The therapists here are so good that even if you took away everything else such as the perfect location, amazing historic building, accommodating front desk gals, free small batch herbal tea and the pedigree of being Blazing Lotus’s relation well…..I’d still go. That to me says it all. There are far too many high end top shelf spas with mediocre therapists. No offense to them of course. Hats off to Zosia and Sebastian! We’re from Chicago, which is where we heard about Blazing Lotus one morning over coffee. We couldn’t get in there so we gave Wild Rose a try. No regrets! Thanks everyone for making it worth the time and money.”

Sarah K.

“It seems this guy exceeds everyone’s expectations, but I’ll review anyway because he deserves it. Sebastian Raterman– incredible massage therapist; totally knows what he’s doing. He’s intuitive beyond belief, and puts his whole soul into his healing work. I’d call him a healer, and I’m a very hard person to impress. I’ll be going back every month and requesting the same person. Wish I could afford it more often than that, but once a month will keep me from disintegrating. I’m a hard case, too; high pain tolerance, 9 reconstructive bone surgeries, chronic pain I never complain about because I don’t like whiny people, & so I’m not practiced on telling a massage guy what I need. But he figured it out immediately. I love the whole atmosphere. Their sauna is clean, private and comfortable, and I was welcomed by a very beautiful and compassionate young woman at the front desk. These people are wonderful. Strongly suggested.”

Christine H.

Sebastian is an amazing massage therapist!! I have had more than 100 massages in my life. A few years ago I was hit by a drunk driver and had back surgery. I’ve suffered with sciatica pain for years. I have never had a massage and had my sciatic pain relieved in just one session. I will definitely be back even if I do have to drive over a hour to get here. The ambience was perfect as well. And all of the staff was welcoming and very friendly.”

Dana H.

“Day tripped from SC for the sunflower 🌻couples massage, dry brushing then massage!!! Sebastian and Zosia were AMAZING!!! Very professional and caring…we are very impressed and will return ASAP!” 

Kristen P.

“Love Wild Rose (and its sister-org, Blazing Lotus)! Wonderful staff – receptionist, manager and the therapists are all top notch. I am a “regular” and have been worked on by many of the therapists (all amazing). For the past few months, I have been working with Sebastian. He is very thoughtful and intuitive in his approach and has wonderful energy. My body, mind and soul feel refreshed after each session!!!! I can’t say enough good things about him, or Wild Rose.”

Jamie C.

“We had an excellent experience for massages today! As a massage therapist my massage expectations are usually pretty high. Sebastian far exceeded my expectations! Christina was my husbands therapist and he was equally as pleased! If you are looking for a great place for a massage do yourself a favor and visit their spa!” 

Tammy S.

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