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Healing House

“Relax into Healing.”

Integrative Massage

Our Integrative Table Massage is a customized treatment that involves the integration of therapy techniques from a number of different modalities. Whether it’s a light, relaxation Swedish massage or a more targeted, therapeutic deep tissue massage- this is an all-in-one customized approach catered to meet your specific needs.

Ashiatsu Massage

From the Japanese language “Ashi” maning “feet” and “Atsu” meaning “pressure, this barefoot technique is an incredibly relaxing and deep massage therapy. The benefits include deep relaxation elongation of the spine, increased blood and lymph circulation, and improved posture. 

Infrared Sauna

Welcome to our private, full spectrum infrared sauna – Clearlight Premier IS-1. Surround yourself with detoxifying infrared heat, gentle music and chromotherapy – all working together to balance and heal the physical, mental and spiritual energies. The benefits go beyond pleasure and relaxation… improve your overall health, wellness, and performance with regular sauna bathing! 

Monthly Specials

Lotus Package: “The Deluxe Specialty”

2 hour signature massage + hot stones + hot towels + coconut scalp massage + customized aromatherapy + complimentary bag of “warm your heart” herbal tea

Go all out with this 120 minute Signature Massage with the works – Hot Stones, Hot Towels, and Aromatherapy! This deluxe combination will put your mind, body and spirit into a state of total relaxation and bliss. Experience a luscious Coconut Scalp Massage that will leave you tension free and floating out the door. At the end of your session we offer you a take home bag of our loose leaf Herbal Tea blend – “Warm your Heart.”

Save 10% when you book the Lotus Package during the month of January! Use code “LOTUS” when booking online, or mention this offer at checkout!

Therapist of the Month: Davida Hass

We are so excited to celebrate Davida as our Therapist of the Month for the month of January.  What a magic worker Davida is.  She is by far one of our most requested therapists, so make sure you book ahead!

Sessions with Davida span from the clinical to the energetic, incorporating embodied wisdoms from over a decade of study and mentoring in Clinical and Integrative Massage, Structural Balancing, various lineages of Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Herbalism, and Intuitive and Shamanic Practices, amongst other Eastern and Western modalities.  Davida is especially skilled at targeted problem solving work and deep tissue work. In her own words: “As a Holistic Practitioner, I feel that my path is not only to continuously investigate the physical and energetic mechanics of the body, but to nurture and foster my clients’ connection with their body’s innate wisdom and intelligence, unlocking a deeper sense of joy and presence in their lives.”

Save 10% when you book with Davida during the month of January. Use code “TOTM” when booking online or mention this offer at checkout! 

Getting Started is Easy

Pick Free Enhancement

Every integrative massage includes one free enhancement. Choose from hot stones, hot towels or aromatherapy. (Choosing a signature massage includes all 3 enhancements, one still being free.)

Book Appointment

Booking an appointment is made easy by either booking online anytime from anywhere, or calling our establishment at 828-552-3272.

Complete Intake Form

The intake form can be completed either online or once you show up. If in-house, please show up 10 minutes early. This only needs to be filled out once.