Our Mission

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” –Gandhi

It is our mission to provide a beautiful haven for healing and relief from various and complex issues ranging from everyday stress to chronic pain. Each client that walks through our doors will be treated with the utmost honor and respect, and their individual issues will be addressed with attentiveness, compassion and dignity. It is pledged that you will receive the best quality of service that each trained therapist is able to provide.

Possessing a staunch belief in the body’s ability to heal itself while facilitating that truth through the art of natural healing… in this lies the very heart of Wild Rose.  We look forward to assisting you on your individually sculpted therapeutic journey to better health, and in turn, a better quality of life.


Pick Free Enhancement

Every integrative massage includes one free enhancement. Choose from hot stones, hot towels or aromatherapy. (Choosing a signature massage includes all 3 enhancements, one still being free.)

Book Appointment

Booking an appointment is made easy by either booking online anytime from anywhere, or calling our establishment at 828-552-3272.

Complete Intake Form

The intake form can be completed either online or once you show up. If in-house, please show up 10 minutes early. This only needs to be filled out once.